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HMS Extreme Tire Conditioner


HMS Extreme was formulated in 2002 to give our customers the same performance as our Original but with less odor. It will provide your tires with more grip right from the start, lower tire temps throughout the run, no cleaners needed for application and can be used on the inside or outside depending on the specific tire. HMS Extreme works equally as well on dirt and asphalt surfaces. 

HMS Original Tire Conditioner


The product that started it all in the late 80's and dominated Fl. Speed Weeks for decades. The Original is great for inside and outside applications, can lower the durometer significantly, evaporates out of the tires in 4-6 days, provides lateral grip, lowers tire temps, can support multiple heat cycles. Has high odor. Like our Extreme product, this is a once a week application.

HMS Qualifying Spray-Unlabeled


There is nothing like it. Excellent for impound races & last minute tire selection. Good for a few laps, dries in seconds, substantially increase grip, minimal durometer affect, no chemical stain & will pass a lab test if you run a heat cycle. Comes in many different cans so even the can is undetectable. One can will cover 4-6 tires asphalt late model tires. Excellent legends car tire treatment. 

HMS Tire Cleaner


Our tire cleaner was developed to remove the factory mold wax from a brand new tire. If you're qualifying on stickers and don't want the slippery first corner or lap, this is the product for you. The cleaner itself will not give you additional bite. You DO NOT need a tire cleaner when using a HMS Tire Conditioner product.

HMS Tire Enhancer 63


The Tire Enhancer 63 is a last minute wipe on treatment. You DO Not need it if you have already conditioner your tires with HMS. This is primarily an asphalt product where you're getting your tires on race day. It provides similar results as the Qualifying spray, but in a wipe on method. Great for dirt karting as well. 

HMS Kart Tire Conditioner


Perfect as a last minute wipe for karts on dirt. Adds a lot of grip so not typically used on the inside for dirt tires. Awesome product for asphalt kart oval racing. It will evaporate out of the tire in a few days and between races if only applied to the outside. WILL NOT ruin tires. Designed to give you grip in the race track, not on it. Sold in quarts only. 

HMS 4 Tire Rotisseries


Our 4 tire machine comes with a non-removable center divider allowing you to treat two or four tires. They come with solid steel knurled shafts, HMS designed shallow composite pans, all aluminum frame, Dayton gear driven motor and a HMS composite motor cover. Machine has limited adjustment for different tire sizes.  

HMS 2 Tire Rotisseries


These 2 tire machines have the HMS shallow composite pan, solid aluminum knurled shafts, Dayton gear motor w/ our HMS composite motor cover & an all aluminum frame. Just like the 4 tire machine, this unit is designed to hold 10" wide tires. (rim width) These machines have limited adjustability for tire circumference. 

HMS 2 Tire Economy Rotisseries


These machines were built for the low budget racer in mind. They use the same aluminum frame, solid knurled shafts and custom HMS shallow composite pan. Instead of the life time Dayton gear motor, this machine uses a small electric motor with high torque. The motor will last roughly 100+ hours of working load time. 

Racebond Composite Adhesive

Tire Rotisserie Knurled Shafts

Knurled solid aluminum 1" shafts  go on all of our 2 tire rotisserie machines to eliminate the tires slipping. Each set of  shafts has one shaft end turned down for a LoveJoy coupling. (Turned down to 1/2 diameter) These shafts will NOT flex when the machine is laoded.

Racebond Composite Adhesive


Racebond instantly adheres fiberglass, carbon fiber & Kevlar in minutes. It  weighs 1/5 of most fiberglass resins & can be sanded/painted. It remains flexible & is excellent for applications including racecars, karts, street tuners & more.   

HMS Embroidered Hats


Wanna make the competition talk? Wear a HMS hat. Available in camo, black and pink camo for the ladies. Specify which color and size in ordering notes. Post a pic on our Facebook page of you sporting the hat and we'll send you some free stuff.